April 22 Earth Day Celebrates its 51st Anniversary

22 Nisan Dünya Günü 51. Yaşını Kutluyor - vitruta

The story of Earth Day, which celebrates its 51st anniversary this year, began on January 28, 1968, when approximately 12 million liters of oil spilled off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, USA. These spilled wastes spread over an area of ​​more than 1,300 square kilometers, and more than 10 thousand birds, dolphins, seals and sea lions lost their lives in the incident, which was one of the largest environmental disasters ever seen.


Photo: Bruce Cox / Los Angeles Times, Getty Images

Later, under the influence of mass environmental movements, April 22 Earth Day celebrations were held in the United States for the first time in 1970, and more than 20 million people participated in the celebrations. Thanks to April 22 Earth Day, which aims to draw attention to climate and environmental problems, uncontrolled consumption and waste, to raise awareness and mobilize the masses, the first 'Clean Air Act' and 'Clean Water Laws' of the USA were prepared. In this way, many issues such as environmental disasters, global warming and pollution were made available on the international agenda.

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Photos: 1: Vernon Merritt III/The LIFE Picture Collection, Getty Images. 2: Bettman, Getty Images