Good People of Vitruta is at Yenilikhane!

Manisa, which produces approximately 38% of grape production in Turkey, was the stop of Good People of Vitruta recently. Yenilikhane, the most important factory and experience center of the region, located in Alaşehir, where settlement began before Christ, hosted this visit.

  • Melis Güven-Deniz Bulutsuz-Selin Osmanoğlu-Serra Hegewald-Roksan Sarfati-Ester Saba

  • Başar Başaran

  • Bahar Akbulut-Berk Kır

  • Melis Güven

  • Ester Saba-Bahar Akbulut

  • Deniz Bulutsuz

Good People of Vitruta, who had the opportunity to experience processes such as processing grapes and distilling them with anise, had a pleasant evening with the music of Güntaç Özdemir at the table specially prepared by Yenilikhane. These beautiful shots remain from the new journey of Good People of Vitruta, who had the chance to examine Refik Anadol's only work in a factory.

  • Deniz Bulutsuz-Melis Güven

  • Bahar Akbulut-Roksan Sarfati-Selin Ağırtmış-Serra Hegewald

  • Selçuk Gerger-Roksan Sarfati

  • Selçuk Gerger-Huo Rf-Başar Başaran

  • Good People of Vitruta

  • Selin Osmanoğlu