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Kıvanç Müçek, a member of Good People of Vitruta, answered seven questions we asked him.
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Can you tell us a little about yourself?

First of all, hello to everyone reading. I was born in 88 Antalya. After growing up as a coastal city kid in Antalya until high school, I moved to Istanbul for university. After five years of enjoying Istanbul on the Bosphorus, life started to surprise me and after graduation, I found myself working as a consultant in South Africa. After living in Pretoria for a while, my longing for Istanbul took over and I returned to Turkey to work on data analytics. Partly thanks to the opportunities provided by my job, the desire to move again became stronger and this time I settled in a completely different geography, Dubai. I have been working as a data scientist here for the last three years. I think Antalya's nomadic culture is ingrained in my genetics, the suitcase is always ready. For now, it is very difficult to predict the next stop.

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What is a pleasant day in Dubai for you? What do you do?

I am one of those who enjoy starting the day early. I love waking up between 7-7:30, drinking my coffee and reading a book in the serenity of the morning until I go to the gym around 9. My choice for sports is F45, a global functional training chain. It is a great pleasure to meet with familiar faces and to do sports with motivation. Thanks to this routine, I actually make a mental and physical investment in myself until 10-10:30, and I also say hello to the day with a lot of serotonin effect. A good breakfast is also a must. I usually have a quick breakfast after exercise at Hapi, which has healthy options. Since it is summer in all four seasons, I go to the sea or the pool for a few hours. The fact that this opportunity is intertwined with the city really distinguishes this place from many metropolises. Afterwards, I like to go to Alserkal Avenue, the relatively hipster district of Dubai, and meet my friends or spend time for myself at Nightjar, my favorite coffee shop. The best thing to do in the evening is to be by the sea. Spending time with my friends overlooking Dubai in any of the Palm, JBR or Bluewaters areas is what I will enjoy the most. My favorite here is The London Project. The view and gin cocktails are the hallmarks of the place.

So if we go out a bit, what's an ideal holiday for you? What are your favorite places that you have seen so far? Is there any advice you can give us about them?

Actually, this is something that can change a lot depending on my mood. Even though I miss European cities from time to time, I think the ideal holiday is a holiday without too many plans and where I can feel nature more. For this reason, I can say that I have been most impressed by Bali so far. Both the nature and the atmosphere of the island are incredibly fascinating. I can describe Bali as an emotion and mental state rather than a destination to go to. I definitely recommend that those who find the opportunity to go spend a few "unscheduled" days in the Canggu region. It is also very enjoyable to act in a way that is open to surprises. The London Project Vitruta Mag

So, what are your must-have items when packing your suitcase for this holiday? What do you take with you?

I'm definitely taking a backpack. Apart from that, I always have my book and camera with me. You never know what surprise will come your way.

Do you have any book/music/film recommendations that have influenced you recently?

Recently, I came across perhaps one of the most simple and striking books I have read: Tuesday Meetings with My Teacher Mori. I can easily recommend it to anyone who likes to read or not. There is a different beauty in every page. I also recommend the short documentary “Earthrise”, which tells the story of the famous Earthrise photograph. It really makes one think about how small a place we actually occupy in the infinity of space.

There are platforms in all of our lives these days; Netflix, Youtube, audiobooks, podcast applications... Which of these are in your life and to what extent? Maybe you would like to share your favorite channels, podcast series or favorite TV series-documentaries with us?

Frankly, almost all of them are at the center of our lives now. I follow Açıkk Bilim podcasts on Spotify and Cüneyt Özdemir videos on Youtube without missing a beat. Cercle, another music channel on YouTube that I like very much, is mostly playing in the background at home. My recent favorites from Netflix are: Mindhunter and One Strange Rock.