Les Benjamins SS21 Collection: Silk Road Services

Les Benjamins SS21 Koleksiyonu: Silk Road Services - vitruta

In its Spring/Summer 2021 collection inspired by the Silk Road, Les Benjamins re-adapts urban clothing codes and streetwear to a multicultural and historical environment. Silk-Road-Mag

The main source of inspiration for the Spring/Summer 2021 collection, the Silk Road, is represented in both abstract and concrete terms. In this context, the collection develops around sportswear and traditional tailoring archetypes reconstructed to create new cuts and lines.

In the collection, sticking to natural tones, tangerine, brick red, henna red and purple and blue colors, which are the shades of the ocean, come to the fore, paired with the sandy golden tones of the desert and maritime trade routes of the Silk Road.

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In the collection, which is a tribute to the trade network that built the world of ancient times, silk fabrics inspired by the desert and seas, sand beige and ocean blue colors attract attention. The historical Silk Road reference transforms into a distinctly contemporary vision in Les Benjamins designs.

In the Spring Summer 2021 collection designs, the use of pleated fabrics as well as the characteristic and different patterns of Turkey's famous woven carpets, which have become the DNA of the brand, draw attention. In the men's collection, classic sportswear codes include hooded sweatshirts, skinny tracksuits, and in the women's collection, dresses and tailor-made clothing details stand out.

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Les Benjamins collaborates with British artist Neil Raitt for the collection, which is introduced with bright 3D visuals set in a desert oasis. Two special artworks prepared by Raitt on the theme of desert and ocean, reflecting the inspiration she received from the Silk Road, come to life in the prints included in the collection designs. Each artwork was scanned to create dual seasonal prints that can be seen throughout the collection, which features silk pieces based entirely on contemporary fits.


Brand founder and creative director Bünyamin Aydın said about the inspiration for the collection: “The Silk Road was a historically critical route for culture and trade, it had a very important place not only for the trade of goods but also for the trade of ideas and cultural exchange.” he used his words.

Neil Raitt explained the special prints he prepared in collaboration with the collection with the following words: “My works bring together landscapes, repeating mountain ranges and map-like compositions. The artworks in this collection were inspired by the large caravans carrying goods along the Silk Road. "It was really fun to reinterpret the camels in painted form and imagine what kind of goods they would carry by juxtaposing the concepts of luxury and labor."

To express its interest in real clothes made for real people, Les Benjamins once again confronted the richness of street culture with traditional heritage, thereby creating a multi-ethnic collection based on deeply rooted contemporary harmonies.