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Moshe Aelyon, the new member of Good People of Vitruta, answered the questions we posed to him.

Moshe, we know you very well, but let us introduce you to those who follow Good People of Vitruta. Who is Moshe Aelyon? How did it start, how does it continue?

I lived in the United States for 35 years, where I went to university after Galatasaray High School. I started my career in the fashion industry and worked with many famous brands. I even launched my own brand. However, after seven years, I decided to move into the invitation and organization sector and founded my own company. In the invitation and organization sector, which I enjoyed very much, I generally stayed in the luxury segment. I had the advantage of holding very popular events in a very decent environment. I have been providing consultancy to lifestyle brands, specifically experience-oriented hospitality, for more than 20 years. At this point, since my followers are curious about my lifestyle, I try to document my daily life and use social media as a diary.

Is there a YouTube channel or podcast you follow regularly?

I really like the program where Armağan Çağlayan chats one-on-one with his guests on his own channel. Very true questions are directed very sincerely to people with very real stories.

As a podcast, Nilay Örnek's How to Become is great. As someone who walks a lot and always listens to podcasts while walking, I can say that I am one of the most regular listeners of Nilay Örnek, who is also my friend.

Is there a TV series you're watching these days?

The TV series I'm currently watching and enjoying very much is New Amsterdam. The series takes place in a hospital and deals with the lives of each doctor by examining their personalities one by one. Again, human stories are actually; In general, my love of biography stems from my interest in human lives and stories.

We are also very curious about your favorite restaurants in Istanbul.

Since most of the companies I provide consultancy services are in the food and beverage industry, it is in the nature of my job to travel a lot and be constantly on the lookout. That's why I actually know a lot of people in the industry. When I list the restaurants I go to and spend the most time in, I think I can list Aheste first; It really is like home. Additionally, Mabou in Pera is one of the places I go to most often. Hodan in Galatasaray, which opened in the past months, has quickly become one of the places I like very much and go to frequently. If I had to add a place outside of Beyoğlu, I would say TURK by my friend Fatih Tutak, who I think is one of the best chefs in Istanbul.

Finally, can we learn your favorite 5 brands in Vitruta?

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