Quintet of Quirks Is Now Live!

Produced as a special work for vitruta's 5th year in Pera, "Quintet of Quirks" aims to go beyond just providing a visual experience and leave a permanent mark with its emphasis on community and belonging.

Directed by Serra Duran Paralı and realized by the creative team of 484, the short film "Quintet of Quirks" offers a glimpse into the essence of the concepts of community and friendship, based on the daily life around the Pera store.

The film follows the daily lives of two employees whose paths unexpectedly intersect against the background of the bustling Pera store; While trying to cope with the ups and downs of life; It tells the story of their discovery of love, friendship and community. From the odd customer who frequents the store to the loyal employees who make sure things run smoothly; each character brings their own unique perspective to the story.

As the story unfolds, viewers are treated to warm and brief scenes that highlight the beauty of human relationships. His short film about how actions such as sharing a cup of coffee, helping someone, or simply being an understanding listener have a deep impact on lives is online!

Presented by: vitruta
Director: Serra Duran Paralı
Written by: Serra Duran Paralı & Ali Yavuz Ata
Director of Photography: Ahmet Açıkkol
Production: 484 Urban Garden
Executive Producer: Selçuk Gerger & Melih Gerger
Executive Producer: Zeynep Hançer
Editing: Alican Özker
Original Music: Cem Yılmazer
Art Director: Günsu Sarı
Art Assistant: Zehra Ügüten
Costume: Yaren İbil
Producer Assistant: Berke Şenel
Production Coordinator: Şevval Remziye Erdinç
Production Assistant: Betül Sarıkavak
1st Assistant Director: Efe Can Yıldız
2nd Assistant Director: Aytaç Yaşar


Beril Kayar
Emirhan Çelenk
Elifsu Soybir
Murat Kahya
Sophie Small
Metin Ali Maltepe

Special Thanks;

Sinan Logie
Doğa Öktem
Tankut Aykut
Bora Taşçı
Ali Yavuz Ata
Damla Bozoğlu
Steph Gallia
Burak Koçak
Ahmet Sesigürgil

Press Advisor: Hande Sönmez