Scandinavian Mark on Street Style

Sokak Stiline İskandinav Damgası - vitruta

In addition to making a name for itself with its minimalist approach to design since the 1950s, Scandinavian inspiration has become the world's most popular trend with its contributions to fashion and street style in recent years.

The most powerful aspect of the Scandinavian aesthetic, which stands out with its remarkable designers, innovative approach to street style and style icons that have become a phenomenon on social media, is that it harmoniously blends the concepts of classicism, comfort and usefulness and does not compromise on elegance.

Despite the rapid and unexpected changes of the fashion world, it is the choice of many style icons with its understated style and sustainability-oriented approach. Even though it catches up with fashion and sometimes appears with mixed patterns and combinations that can be called maximalist, being simple but stylish, cool but comfortable at the same time is a must for this style. In fact, it is possible to capture the Scandinavian style at one end, even if you only use a single color outfit that is well-molded and made of quality fabric.

Now let's turn our arrows towards the north and go into some detail about the unique looks of Scandinavian fashion.

When we say Scandinavian fashion, we are talking about a common style created by many countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland, which are located in the same geography but have different cultural structures and backgrounds, brought together under one roof. Street-Style-Scandinavian (3)

The Scandinavian look can be described as comfortable, sophisticated, as simple and as far away from complexity as possible. However, when viewed from a different perspective, it is full of contradictions because the concepts of function and aesthetics, luxury and simplicity, naivety and sharpness are all together and blended in moderation. Despite these confusing contrasts, there is nothing distracting about their style because Scandinavian fashion is adept at maintaining this delicate balance.

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If you have had the opportunity to visit Scandinavia, you know that it is the meeting point of fashion with a wide variety of clothing styles, from the minimalist-chic look that has been attracting attention in the world lately, to unconventional street fashion.

Bringing Scandinavian designers one step forward in the world fashion scene and identifying with not only fashion but all their lives. 'Less is more' We can say that the Scandinavian style with its trend means that you do not need to shout to be heard. You can have an effortless yet luxurious and cool look, either with a jacket paired with black tights and a blouse, or with a combination of a cashmere coat and leather boots worn over tight and fit trousers.

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Scandinavian style, which generally masters the use of monocratic colors, is rich in powdery and pastel colors, as well as the indispensable black. Even though we are starting to see the use of vibrant colors such as red and blue in new generation icons, they maintain their simple and sophisticated appearance without creating eye clutter with their combinations. Clothes worn on top of each other add depth and a dose of complexity to your style in cold weather.

It seems that we will be watching Scandinavian style, which has started to attract attention in recent years, especially with its innovative contributions to street style, on world fashion scenes.