Sustainability A Hidden Bee

A Hidden Bee is among our leading brands according to the Vitruta Sustainable Brand Criteria and is therefore listed with the sustainable brand label in our online store. This section is organized according to the information provided by the brand.

  • CLEAN CONTENT | The materials used in the production of the brand's products include recycled, recyclable or biodegradable fibers; recycled metal; leather, which is a by-product of animals used in the food industry; 100% biodegradable certified cupro and 100% organic cotton are used. Jean production is the first and only in this regard in Turkey; With very little water and chemicals in a factory that recycles all the water used in production; It is also produced by dry processing processes using laser.
  • HARMLESS DYEING | The brand guarantees that the dyeing process in production is carried out in a way that will not pose a threat to the health of people involved in the production, is environmentally friendly and free of toxic chemicals. Working with a factory that purifies all water and recycles it 100%, especially in Colorful Jean and combed cotton collections, stands out.
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT | The brand has a significant sensitivity in redesigning, reducing and reusing in packaging, logistics and sales processes, paying attention to the substances specified in the Vitruta Zero Waste and 5R Approach . Since the first day of operation, no cutting waste material has gone to waste; It is specifically stated that even products produced as samples can be produced as a perfect final product and put on sale.
  • RESPONSIBLE SUPPLY CHAIN ​​| The brand knows the supply chain at the middle level, that is, down to the material supplier. (cotton fiber supplier, yarn supplier etc.)
  • CLIMATE FRIENDLY | The brand acts very sensitively to ensure emission reduction, but does not yet support additional projects under this heading. For example, it provides efficiency in this regard with critical moves such as locating offices, stores, warehouses and manufacturers in close proximity to each other or using LED lights to reduce consumption.
  • SOCIAL IMPACT | The brand periodically allocates a part of its store to artists free of charge, exhibits their works of art, and does not generate any income from their sales. At the same time, it carries out interdisciplinary studies with them, produces a special, co-designed mini collection for that artist, and pays 25% of the profit from the sales of these products to the artist. Apart from this, they have existing plans that they want to realize with women's organizations.
  • CERTIFICATION | The brand works with certified manufacturers regarding the importance of the quality of their products and working standards, and can provide a 100% Biodegradable certificate for its collections produced with cupro material.
  • GENDER EQUALITY | The brand supports and attaches importance to gender equality. A Hidden Bee, a women's initiative, has freelance designers, etc., in addition to logistics operations. Including, there are only female employees.
  • REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT | Since the brand's production is made in Turkey, it contributes to regional development.