Sustainability Fine People Community

Fine People Community is among our brands with a good level according to Vitruta Sustainable Brand Criteria and therefore it is listed with the sustainable brand label in our online store. This section is organized according to the information provided by the brand.

  • CLEAN CONTENT | The brand uses 100% pure organic certified linen in all its products. Most of their collections are produced entirely from hand-woven cotton, linen and bamboo.
  • HARMLESS DYEING | The brand guarantees that the dyeing process in production is carried out in a way that will not pose a threat to the health of people involved in the production, is environmentally friendly and free of toxic chemicals.
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT | The brand has a significant sensitivity in redesigning, reducing and reusing in packaging, logistics and sales processes, paying attention to the substances specified in the Vitruta Zero Waste and 5R Approach . Examples are given such as using 100% organic certified pure linen in all products, 70% recyclable packaging materials, and this percentage is planned to increase to 100% within the next year. 
  • RESPONSIBLE SUPPLY CHAIN ​​| The brand recognizes the supply chain at the middle level, that is, down to the material supplier (cotton fiber supplier, yarn supplier, etc.) and inquires about its certificates. The brand's goal for 2023 is to reach a good level in this regard; Knowing the supply chain down to the raw material level (cotton producers, etc.) and inspecting its suppliers at regular intervals.
  • CLIMATE FRIENDLY | The brand acts very sensitively to ensure emission reduction, for example, it completes production on order but in bulk and plans all shipments collectively, but it does not yet support additional projects under this heading.
  • SOCIAL IMPACT | The brand supports NGOs that invest in animals and nature, invests in these organizations and includes them in its communications. It allocates 20% of its sales to sapling donations in case of periodic disasters such as forest fires. The income from the sales of parasite collars they produce for stray animals is transferred only to stray animal projects.
  • CERTIFICATION | The brand works with certified manufacturers regarding the quality of their products and the importance of working standards, but they do not yet have their own certificates.
  • GENDER EQUALITY | 70% of the employees of the brand, which is a women's initiative, are women. As the brand grows within its plans, it has the dream of developing workforce creation projects in certain regions in Anatolia.
  • REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT | Since the brand's production is made in Turkey, it contributes to regional development.