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Marlin V-Knit Men's Running Shoes

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Color: Chalk/Pierre

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The Marlin V-Knit model from VEJA's running shoe collection is designed for days when performance is important. Light and dynamic, yet comfortable for everyday users. Marlin is all about catchy improvement. It takes its name from one of the fastest and most athletic fish in the ocean.

  • Running Surface: Road / Park
  • Pitch Profile*: Natural
  • Drop**: 6mm (Heel Height: 24mm - Forefoot Height: 18mm)
  • Weight: 288g / 10.2oz (size 42)
  • Bio-Based / Recycled: 62%
  • Upper: 100% recycled polyester
  • Side Part: TPU
  • Heel Support: Made from Pebax® Rnew®. (100% ricinus oil)
  • Logo V: Made from Pebax® Rnew®. (62% ricinus oil)
  • Logo heel support insert
  • pad printing
  • Inner Lining: Tech (100% recycled polyester)
  • Insole: 75% bio-based and recycled (52% sugar cane - 23% recycled polyester)
  • Midsole: 60% sugar cane
  • L-Foam is VEJA Running technology. This cushioning technology is made from 30% natural latex and 70% synthetic latex from Brazil.
  • Outsole: 61% bio-based (30% Amazon rubber - 31% rice waste)
  • Cords: 100% recycled polyester
  • Place of Production: Brazil

*Stride varies depending on whether the runner steps on the inner, outer or middle part of his foot while stepping on the ground. The foot tends to roll outward during stride Pronation; tends to roll inwards Supination; Its balanced printing is called Natural.

**Drop is the height difference between the heel of the shoe and the forefoot. For people who put the heel first and then the forefoot on the ground (most runners run this way), it is recommended to use a drop of 6 mm or higher. For those who press simultaneously or vice versa, 6mm and below is recommended. For this reason, Marlin V-Knit offers suitable use for everyone.

More than 50% of the materials in this product are obtained from sustainable sources.

    About the Brand

    VEJA, which has been creating sneaker models with a different mindset by focusing on social projects, economic justice and ecological materials since 2005, uses organic cotton from Brazil and Peru for canvas fabric and laces; Amazon rubber for soles; For other materials, it uses a variety of innovative materials made from recycled plastic bottles or polyester


    VEJA is among our leading brands according to the Vitruta Sustainable Brand Criteria and is therefore listed with the sustainable brand label in our online store. This section is organized according to the information provided by the brand.

    • CLEAN CONTENT | Environmentally friendly raw materials are used in all of the brand's products. Organic cotton from Brazil and Peru for canvas and laces; Unlike most sneaker brands, instead of plastic for the soles, various innovative materials designed from Amazon rubber, recycled pet bottles and recycled polyester are used. It is ensured that the manufacturers and suppliers have international certificates and the selection of raw materials and materials is made in line with these certificates.
    • HARMLESS DYEING | The brand guarantees that the dyeing process in production is carried out in a way that will not pose a threat to the health of people involved in the production, is environmentally friendly and free of toxic chemicals. The products are produced in Brazil in factories with high working standards and where VEJA managers are constantly present. Certified fabrics are used to monitor the use of harmful chemicals during the dyeing phase of cotton products. We ensure that the dyehouses we work with use less water and produce without using any toxic chemicals that could harm employee health.
    • WASTE MANAGEMENT | The brand has a significant sensitivity in redesigning, reducing and reusing in packaging, logistics and sales processes, paying attention to the substances specified in the Vitruta Zero Waste and 5R Approach . The brand carries out repairs to give a second chance to used products in bad condition, focusing on issues such as using FSC certified materials and completely recycling the resulting waste.
    • RESPONSIBLE SUPPLY CHAIN ​​| The brand knows its supply chain at a good level, that is, down to the raw material level (cotton producers, etc.) and inspects its suppliers at regular intervals. In the South American region, where the materials come from and production takes place, the brand has its own offices and a large team to carry out these inspections.
    • CLIMATE FRIENDLY | The brand acts very sensitively in order to reduce emissions, constantly measures it and allocates a budget for additional projects under this heading. Product shipments, even business trips within Europe, are not allowed to be made with the airline that causes the most emissions. VEJA, the innovator of the sneaker industry with the materials used in production, makes maximum efforts to reduce emissions with many projects such as redesign, upcycling, repair and recycling.
    • SOCIAL IMPACT | Within the scope of the VEJA Project, the brand focuses on many issues that will keep the social impact at a high level with actions such as protecting and growing the Amazon Forests, integrating women in the region into society so that they become influential people in their families, fair trade, fair wages and quality life.
    • CERTIFICATION | The brand has an I-REC certificate thanks to its efforts to support renewable energy, and it only works with certified suppliers to support fair production.
    • GENDER EQUALITY | The brand continues its social impact projects by supporting gender equality. It attaches importance to gender equality by complying with ethical values ​​and moral standards with its entire production and management staff.
    • REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT | Since the brand is not produced in Turkey, it does not contribute to regional development in our country.

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