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Seasons change, trends come and go, but fashion's love for white sneakers never ends. White sneakers are indispensable for every season and every style, with their variety ranging from iconic sneaker models that defy the years with their retro looks to the latest and extraordinary designs. If you are ready to wear your white sneakers with the approaching autumn and you are wondering "How to combine white sneakers?" If the question keeps coming back, be sure to check out our suggestions!

For a Retro Look

Retro designs, winking at the fashion trends of the 70s, 80s and 90s, never lose the leading role in the fashion scene with their timeless identities. Trends that bear traces of the past in every season, without exception; first taking over the podiums and then the streets. If you feel close to the nostalgic style, you can complete your retro look with iconic white sneaker models.


You can wear floral-patterned maxi dresses, one of the key pieces of vintage style, with white sneakers inspired by basketball style. You can be transported to the 70s by wearing these dresses, which carry the spirit of the past to the present, with the Nike Blazer Mid . You can double the nostalgic energy of plaid or tweed fabric dresses with Converse Chuck 70 White, which tops the list of iconic sneakers.

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For a Classic Look

Who says you can't wear sneakers in the office? There is no place where you cannot look stylish with white sneaker style. When you put the right pieces together, you can go to the office or attend important meetings with white sneakers. For example, the white shirt-black trousers combination and white sneakers, which are at the top of the classics list, can create an extremely powerful effect. But your options are definitely not limited to that!

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The combination of shirt dresses, the number one savior of office style, and Authentic , one of Vans' classic models, shows that it is possible to be comfortable without compromising the classic line. Trench coats, which are a must for the autumn wardrobe for classic style followers, are in perfect harmony with white sneakers. No matter what your combination is, don't forget to combine trench coat with sneakers!

For Those Who Love Creating Contrast

Yes, when it comes to fashion, the universal rule does not change and opposite poles attract each other. The combination of contrasting colors creates a striking effect in fashion as well as in every field of design. In short, whenever you want to ensure elegance but do not know how to combine white sneakers, you can take refuge in the strong arms of black.

If you wish, you can wear black from head to toe and finish with white sneakers to bring the contrast effect to your style. Alternatively, you can complete your look consisting of a contrast style duo such as a white t-shirt and black skinny jeans with white sneakers. Adidas Originals Streetball , which combines retro lines specific to the 90s with futuristic design lines, is a candidate to be the last and most striking detail of contrast combinations.

For a Minimal Look

Simple and effortless elegance is possible with minimalism, one of the most influential fashion trends of all time. The first rule of adapting minimalism to your style is to have a capsule wardrobe that comes to life with basic pieces and neutral colors. Of course, white sneaker models have a special place among the basic pieces mentioned.

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Can't give up on your all-time favorite white t-shirt-jeans combination? Are you passionate about monochrome combinations dominated by natural tones such as beige, gray and ecru? Do you dare to wear all white? Whenever you surrender to the magic of minimalism, you can always rely on your white sneakers. You can complete your combinations powered by simplicity with a retro sneaker model such as FILA Uproot , inspired by the basketball style of the 90s.

For a Sporty Look

The unabated rise of the athleisure trend, which carries gym combinations to every aspect of life, makes sportswear enthusiasts smile. “How to wear white sneakers?” The question is fully answered with sporty combinations. The unique complement of both charismatic and dynamic combinations is, of course, white sneakers…

Thanks to Athleisure, the days of sacrificing comfort for style are long gone. If you want yoga leggings and a hooded sweatshirt to be your uniform for fall, don't hesitate. You can pair crop tops with high-waisted sweat pants and a bomber jacket, and add the finishing touch to this dynamic combination with the PUMA Cali Sport World Hood, which stands out with its high sole and cool decorations such as suede coating and stitching details.

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