Scandinavian Style with Ceylan Atınç and Cihan Alpgiray

Ceylan Atınç ve Cihan Alpgiray ile İskandinav Stili - vitruta

In the last days of February, we met with style consultant Ceylan Atınç, one of the most valuable names in the fashion world, and photographer Cihan Alpgiray, at Vitruta Karaköy's cafe and had a pleasant interview.

Scandinavian clothing style is a new trend. How has the rise of this clothing style changed your industry with the entry of many Scandinavian brands, which we also see in Vitruta, into our country?

Cihan Alpgiray – When I saw the store of a Scandinavian brand in Paris in 2010, I thought I was in heaven. I went in immediately, of course everything was great then, Euro is our dear. “Wow! Wow! "Throw it in the basket," I proceeded. I discovered an effortless style that I felt comfortable in.

Of course, people change over time, tastes change, the language of photography changes. During that change, Scandinavian style became a complementary element in my life, it coincided with that period. I wouldn't call it minimal, but I think it's a clean style that doesn't bother you and looks like you haven't put in much effort. If you ask me, I can hang out like Steve Jobs. Let me buy 100 identical, good quality pieces, but in one color. No different colors, so I don't have to waste any time deciding what to wear. So imagine, I have a shoot 3 days in a row, if I think for 20 minutes in total, I spend 1 hour every morning thinking about what to wear.

Ceylan Atınç – You won't do it like that, you will think about it like us!

Cihan Alpgiray – I don't want to do this. I want to carry my style without anything extra. That's why I can say that the Scandinavian product range left a better impression on me and I turned towards it. The trousers became a little tighter and their fit became a little more comfortable.

Scandinavian style is also being adopted at home. People are looking for peace. It is very enjoyable, especially if you are a happy and domestic person at home. At the same time, we see it in magazines because it is a very photographic style. It is very enjoyable to be able to put something that you see in the magazine and that appeals to your taste into your home. A camel floor is in the corner of the hall, as in Vitruta, which changes the whole ambience. It has an immediate calming effect after the hustle and bustle of the city.

Ceylan Atınç – We started to see the Scandinavian style in decoration, yes. They are both more peaceful forms for people and usable, that is, functional products.

Going back to clothing, I don't know how much this appeals to our culture and women. I went to the store opening of a Scandinavian brand in Izmir, and a customer said, "What is this? I'm already cutting off half of these trousers." Because it's really made according to the Scandinavians. Therefore, while it suits men perfectly, it can be a bit incompatible on the women's side.

I went to Stockholm 2 years ago and I was amazed by the women! They all look like models anyway, let's shoot them all with Cihan! A straight long coat, a straight long sweatshirt. The trousers are big and big, but there are no curves, no breasts, no hips. That's why it goes down amazingly, but the Turkish woman is curvy, hips and breasts. Then he shouldn't be wearing those pants anyway. As a result, Scandinavian clothing style is perfectly suitable for men and children, but due to the body structure of Turkish women, some clothes are very difficult to wear.

Cihan Alpgiray – I think the beauty of the Scandinavian clothing style is that it is so effortless. I bought a Rains raincoat two years ago and I realized that it is incredibly functional and very comfortable. I also bought one from the Thermal series, and the seller said, "It's not like normal Rains, you know it will keep you very warm, right?" said. Once I saw that I was wearing it in freezing weather, I was wearing it in the snow! It saves me a lot, I don't have to dress warmly. Rains has truly become a love brand for me.

I also love it when people see me and compliment me. It gives me pleasure to be complimented on the color and model of a raincoat I am wearing. No matter what, we are also in this industry, so we need to be a little sensitive.

What about the rise of sneakers?

Cihan Alpgiray – The biggest change I have seen on the set is sneakers. You stand for hours on set, but before that you always wore normal shoes. Nowadays, people have started to wear sneakers to be more comfortable, so I think this style is somewhat related to that.

Ceylan Atınç – I went to London recently, the designer of a brand said something very nice at the beginning of his presentation; “If it were 2 years ago, all of you here would be wearing stilettos , but now you are all wearing sneakers !”. It's the same at fashion week, it's the same on the street because it's cool . For example, during the shoot, I dress the model in a suit and give her sneakers underneath. Stan Smith, for example, was called "The Ultimate in Fashion" because it goes with everything.

Do you think we can talk about a masculinization situation in women?

Ceylan Atınç – A little genderlessness has begun to emerge not only in women, but also in men and women. For example, a unisex sweatshirt or raincoat; The same product corresponds to size M for women and size S for men.

But again, I don't think it is very valid for Turkish women because we love studs and stones. There is always a search for a staple here and a stone there.

Cihan Alpgiray – Yes, we are a very small group of course. Türkiye is a textile country, there is a Merter and an Aksaray reality. Even if good brands design products that are acceptable as fashionable, they always put a dent in it, because the consumer wants it.