How to Clean a Kånken Bag

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Fjällräven Kånken, which has been the choice of millions of people around the world since 1978, is the object of desire of outdoor style enthusiasts with its unchanging design since the first day. Kånken backpacks, which have secured their place in hearts with their bags of different sizes and colors, are very useful and durable. You can be sure that the Kånken bag, which you can carry with you everywhere, from travels to outdoor activities, from school to the office, will not let you down easily. However, if you want to use your beloved Kånken for many years, it would be beneficial to take good care of it and clean the bag using the right methods. So, how to wash a Kånken bag? Here are the tips for cleaning Kånken bags…


First Rule: Never Wash Your Bag in the Washing Machine

Your bag may have encountered difficult conditions on an outdoor adventure and was covered in mud. Coffee may spill on it as a result of an unexpected accident. No matter how bad the situation seems, never consider washing your bag in the washing machine. Because your bag gets the color you love thanks to a special dyeing technique. When you wash it in the washing machine, you may encounter undesirable results such as color fading.

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Getting Started Cleaning: Empty Your Bag

Even if your goal is to clean a small stain on the bag, you should make sure that you completely empty the contents of the bag. When your bag is full, cleaning becomes very difficult and important items in your bag may get wet. This way, you create an opportunity to clear unnecessary debris from your bag and rearrange your belongings.

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Detect Stained and Dirty Areas

You don't have to clean the entire bag for a few small stains. You can quickly treat the stains that occur during the day. To do this, you can identify stains and dirty areas by examining your bag in detail after emptying it, and give your bag a clean appearance after a precise cleaning operation.

Clean Stains with Soft Brush or Sponge

What you need now is some warm water, a detergent suitable for delicate laundry, and a soft brush or sponge... You can clean your bag by wetting the brush or sponge with the mixture you prepared with warm water and some detergent and applying local applications on the stained areas. While doing this process, you should make sure that the brush or sponge is not too wet.

Finally, Leave Your Bag to Dry

Before you start using your bag, which you have cleaned of stains, you should let it dry by hanging it on a hanger or laying it out in a well-ventilated place. During drying, the bag should not be exposed to direct sunlight, otherwise the colors may fade. It is also a good idea not to use your bag until you are sure that the wet areas are completely dry. Because the dye of the bag may color your light-coloured clothes.

Secrets to Use Your Kånken Bag Longer

“How to clean a Kånken bag?” Once you find the answer to the question, you can use your favorite bag for a long time by cleaning it regularly. Of course, there are other points you should pay attention to in order for your bag to maintain its form and durability. Whether you prefer Kånken Mini or Kånken Sling , your bag can accompany you for years if you pay attention to these simple precautions.

  • Don't fill your bag too much: Kånken Mini, Kånken No.2, Kånken Sling... You have the chance to choose among Kånken models in different volumes according to your usage needs. For the health of the bag, you should be careful not to fill it more than its volume. This puts too much load on the hangers and zippers, damaging them. For example, if you have to carry a laptop with you all the time, you should choose the Kånken No.2 Laptop15″ model with its 18 L volume and large back pocket.
  • Don't leave your bag in the sunlight: Kånken bag models get their beautiful colors from a special dyeing technique. These beautiful colors can fade when you leave your bag under the sun. Therefore, it is best to keep your bag, which you bought with pleasure and plan to use for many years, in the shade or in a place away from direct sunlight.
  • Repair any tears or holes immediately: If you notice any tiny hole or tear on your bag, you should provide first aid very quickly. Because if you wait, the tear may grow and become very difficult to repair.
  • Increase its durability by waxing it with Greenland Wax: Models such asNo.2 and Premium Black with G-1000 fabric, which are produced only by Fjällräven and used in products that need to be resistant to heavy weather conditions such as coats and tents, can be waxed with a product called Greenland Wax, also produced by Fjällräven. Waxing at regular intervals increases the product's resistance to water and cold and extends the life of the product. Greenland Wax product should not be used in models such as Kånken Classic , Mini , Sling made of Vinylon-F fabric or Re-Kånken made of recycled materials.
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