A Must Have for the Winter Season: Layering Trend!

Kış Mevsiminin Olmazsa Olmazı: Layering Trendi! - vitruta

We examined the trend of 'layering', that is, combining different pieces by wearing them on top of each other, which allows you to look stylish even while fighting the cold and meets street fashion with a new interpretation every day. Layering-Trend

Layering, which allows us to adapt to the weather by dressing in layers when leaving the house in cold weather and protecting our body temperature by taking off our clothes when necessary, was actually already a part of our daily lives before it became fashionable.

As the winter cold begins to take effect, we immediately think of putting away the t-shirts, thin sweaters and strappy dresses left over from spring. However, it is also possible to adapt spring clothes to winter by using the layering technique.

Although it seems easy to apply by everyone, combining compatible layers is not as easy as it seems. For example, it is important for each layer to be visible, to be able to combine different patterns in harmony, and to be careful not to wear the same colors on top of each other. However, assuming that this is the fun part, with this technique, which is a trend that will not easily go out of fashion for years, you can adapt to the changing weather conditions during the day and at the same time manage to draw attention by expressing your creativity.

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You don't have to buy new pieces to keep up with this trend, you can mix and match your favorite clothes from all seasons that you already have in your closet. You can catch this trend by wearing thin-strapped dresses with cardigans, long and short-sleeved t-shirts on top of each other, or even by wearing a shirt and sweater over a basic t-shirt.

Layering gives you an experimental perspective as it allows you to combine different colors, patterns and textures. If you do not like to wear multi-coloured clothes, you can still easily keep up by combining colors and textures that suit your taste. If you prefer monochrome style, you can blend these two styles by using fabrics of different lengths and textures.

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