RUNDAMENTAL and Iceland Running with Pınar Mumcu

Pınar Mumcu ile RUNDAMENTAL ve İzlanda Koşusu - vitruta

We talked to Pınar Mumcu, one of the founders of RUNDAMENTAL, about the Iceland run and the Scandinavian countries, which they participated in in August last year.

-Let's get to know you first. How did you start running?

I worked in the music, culture and arts sector for many years. Actually, I worked mostly at nights, but I never neglected sports. Various sports have always existed in my life in some way, but when I ran in a race for the first time in 2012, I suddenly found myself running regularly. At first, I was running alone or with my cousin Serkan, but then we got into running groups, found running friends, and eventually got involved enough to establish our own group, RUNDAMENTAL.

-Can you tell the story of RUNDAMENTAL?

A group of friends we knew each other through running in 2015, we were running regularly, and when the number of people wanting to join increased, we started to think about starting a group. Meanwhile, work on the name and logo was continuing in the background. After the name, Umuthan, one of our founders, who also designed all the creative visual content of RUNDAMENTAL, including its logo, came up with the logo we currently use, and we found ourselves in the world of running groups. We first appeared with our group t-shirts at the 25 October Büyükada Run. Afterwards, our numbers increased in a short time. Under the hashtags #NotOnlyRunning and #WeNotOnlyRunning, belonging to RUNDAMENTAL, we have demonstrated our difference with very different and entertaining events that encourage running and gather people who see running as a way of life under one roof. We are a family that has been keeping up with the times and growing since 2015.

-You did a run in Iceland. What was it like to run here? How did this culture affect you and what were the details you remembered most?

Since 2015, we have traveled a lot and discovered different places thanks to running. Among these, one of the most special locations was undoubtedly Iceland. When I registered for the Reykjavik Half Marathon, what excited me most was what I would see about Reykjavik during the 21K, rather than a good race performance. A very blue sky and sea, cold harsh but sunny weather and smiling and cheerful people... All colors are very vibrant and green, a sparkling city. While I was running, I found it very sweet that people set up tables in front of their houses and offered treats and support to the runners. Afterwards, we did not stay in the city at all and went on a road trip and camping in the inner parts of the country called the "High Lands", which I think was the real special part. In some locations there was literally no one else but us, there were often moments when we felt like we were on another planet.

-Have you run in another country in Scandinavia? Which place impressed you the most?

Denmark – I have visited Copenhagen many times and once had the chance to run in the Copanhagen Half Marathon. Running culture is very important here. The number of runners is very high compared to the population of the country and they are very good at it. Copenhagen is one of my favorite cities to visit. First of all, I have Danish friends whom I know and love very much through running in this city. I love their culture very much. The value given to the concepts of friendship and family in the Hygge culture, the importance of taking special time for oneself, as well as the importance given to experiencing the feeling of warmth despite the cold climate conditions, warms my heart.

-What are the things in the Scandinavian countries that make you say "Those who love Vitruta also love these"?

There are many different and beautiful cafes-restaurants on every corner of the streets of Copenhagen. My favorite region is Norrebro. Those who love Scandinavian style spaces will feel like they have gone to heaven here. Last time I went to the Roskilde Festival in 2018, I loved these 3 venues; Next Door, Mad & Kaffe, Parterre Christianshavn.

-What is the most beautiful view you remember in Iceland or Scandinavian countries?

Although I loved the general appearance of the settlements in Rekyjavik and Copenhagen, I can say that I was fascinated by the natural beauties we saw in Iceland.