PUMA Reflected the Power of Sports with the “UNITY” Collection

PUMA, Sporun Gücünü “UNITY” Koleksiyonuyla Yansıttı - vitruta

Puma unity collection

In these days when COVID-19 is showing its impact on the world, global sports brand PUMA has signed the "Unity" collection for a future that continues to do sports and benefit from the power of sports, considering that sports are a unifying force and heritage. Along with the collection, PUMA pledged to donate to the UN Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

“We are a single team united around sports, with our athletes and brand ambassadors.” Adopting the philosophy of PUMA, the striking feature of its unisex collection "Unity", which represents the unifying power of sports, is that its designs take their colors from international flags.

The shoes in the Unity collection stand out with their neutral sole design and blue, red, yellow and green tones; Future Rider, Ralph Sampson, RS-2K, RS-X³ and Cali Sport provide elegance and comfort in all conditions.


Cali Sport

You don't have to live on the West Coast to appreciate the laid-back attitude of these shoes. Based on the original California, this shoe is the perfect blend of classic style and innovative developments. Cali Sport, which is noticeably higher than the original and has cooler decorations, consists of a leather exterior with suede overlays and stitching details.


Ralph Sampson SIGNATURE

In the 80s, Ralph Sampson was a basketball legend. He took PUMA to the next level in the basketball world, and PUMA in turn created a customized line just for him. With retro colours, a smooth mix of materials and the same signature style, this Ralph Sampson is a true classic.



X means extreme. It has been remixed and recreated. X³ takes things to the next level: everything is cubed, enhanced and extra! RS's signature special design is ready to reach new heights with its more detailed upper surface, stronger material mix and eye-catching color combinations.

*Running System: PUMA's comfortable cushioning technology honors the reinvention of that unique second or movement in popular culture.