vitruta Sustainability Program Started!

vitruta Sürdürülebilirlik Programı Başladı! - vitruta

Vitruta Sustainability Program starts on June 1, 2021, to guide conscious consumers in a transparent manner, to be a supporter and implementer of sustainable fashion, and to offer the opportunity to get to know more nature and creature-friendly brands!

We are in a period where individual or corporate awareness about sustainability increases day by day and these issues are talked about more in our daily lives. As Vitruta, we have been thinking for a long time about what we can do better together with our stakeholders and what steps we should take in this regard. With the Covid-19 pandemic process, we have all witnessed the lifestyle change and adaptation process on a global scale. With the influence of this, we decided to focus on sustainability and implement the Vitruta Sustainability Program .


Thanks to this program, which we started to plan by creating a road map with our expert sustainability consultants, we designed all our environmental, social and managerial processes from the beginning, determined our goals and decided to inform our stakeholders as we implemented all our activities in the light of accountability / transparency principles.

You can review in detail all the issues we have taken action on so far, our priorities, goals and annual sustainability targets on the Vitruta Sustainability Program page.