Pay with iyzico Campaign

Application Conditions and General Information

  • The campaign is a 10% gain in TL for purchases made via “Pay with iyzico” between 01.04.2022 and 30.04.2022 .
  • Within the scope of the campaign, a user can earn a maximum of 150 TL . (For example, if the payment amount is 1,500 TL at once, 150 TL is earned, which is 10%, while when the payment amount is 2,500 TL, 150 TL is earned, taking into account the maximum limit.)
  • The prize to be given from the campaign is limited to 4,000 people. When 4,000 people are reached, iyzico has the right to end the campaign before the expiration date.
  • During the campaign period, every individual customer who is a new member or is an existing iyzico member and completes their payment can benefit from the campaign more than once through Pay with iyzico until they reach the 150 TL limit.
  • Gift amounts are deposited to the person's iyzico account on the same day the payment is made via iyzico Pay and the customer is notified. The gift balance amount can be checked and used from the iyzico application. You can download the iyzico application by entering your phone's application center (App Store, Google Play, etc.).
  • Installment and cash transactions are included in the campaign. In case of cancellation or refund of transactions that qualify for rewards, the gifted balance will be refunded or the reward will not be loaded.
  • iyzico reserves the right to make changes to the campaign conditions.

How Do I Pay with iyzico?

  • When you come to the payment step, select the Pay with iyzico tab.
  • Continue by entering your email address and phone number.
  • Complete your shopping with the payment method you want and cashback is instantly in your iyzico account!