F49 Fringe Backpack

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Color: Multi-1

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The FREITAG R&D department has found the Fringe Backpack suitable for urban use. It has been tested to its durability limits since schoolyards are not as challenging. With its 270° zipper and butterfly external pockets, it provides space and easy access to your laptop, notebooks, collection cards, and all the other things you'll need throughout the day.

Made from recycled truck tarps, each product is entirely unique and personal because of the different colors and patterns. As unique as snowflakes, but much more practical.

  • Material: This unique product is made from approximately 77%* recycled material:
    • Car seat belt (polyester), 100% B-stock
    • Distance fabric (polyester)
    • Ribbon (polyester)
    • Lining (used PET bottles), 100% recycled
    • Used truck tarpaulin (polyester/PVC), 100% recycled
    • Strap (polyester)
    • Hook and loop tape (polyamide)
    • Label (PVC), 25% recycled
    • Sewing thread (polyamide)
    • Oval ring (aluminum)
    • Zipper (polyester/zinc)
    • tension buckle
    • Woven label (polyester)
      *Proportion of weight consisting of recycled and reused materials and B-stock
  • Durable zippers, now in different colors
  • A4 oversized bag with adjustable strap for laptops up to 17"
  • Dimensions: 29 x 14 x 42 cm
  • Volume: 16 liters
  • Weight: 815g
  • Place of Production: Bulgaria

More than 50% of the materials in this product are obtained from sustainable sources.

About the Brand

In 1993, brothers Daniel and Markus Freitag decided to give new life to old truck tarps — since then, the Zurich-based company has been designing unique backpacks and accessories made from recycled truck tarps, old seat belts, and bicycle inner tubes. Each piece is one of a kind and has a completely unique appearance.


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Free returns:
Returns within Türkiye are completely free. Within 30 days from the delivery date, you can return products that have not been used, their labels have not been removed, their resaleability is intact, and their accessories are complete.

Refunds cannot be made on books and sub-products in the underwear category. In the Bikini & Swimwear category, returns cannot be made for products whose protection tape has been removed or is damaged.

From Truck Till Bag

  • Step 1: Truckspotting

    Each FREITAG bag produced today is still made from used truck tarp. Finding old tarps for 400,000 FREITAG products annually is no easy task, however. It takes a logistical offensive headed by a four-member team that brings 350 tons of used tarp material back to the factory each year after tracking it down from Sweden to Portugal. Once they arrive at the factory, the tarps are tested for their constituents to ensure that the safety of FREITAG products can be guaranteed.

  • Step 2: Cutting The Tarps

    In order to turn grimy garbage from the roads into the right raw material for a desirable bag, fearless tarp butchers are needed at the outset. With cutters, pliers and raw force, they free the bulky tarp beasts from their cords and fittings and then slice prime cuts from them. It’s tough work!

  • Step 3: Washing

    What happens in Freitag's basement is pretty much the same as any other laundry room. Three huge washing machines completely remove road grime from the tarpaulins, revealing their unique patina. Because we use more than a million gallons of water annually for washing activities, we collect rainwater from the roof of the factory and heat it using the residual heat of the remaining dirty water. The clean tarpaulins are then sent to the drying room instead of an energy-consuming dryer.

  • Step 4: Bag Design

    FREITAG has many different designers. Like other companies, they leave the task of creating new models to the actual design department. However, in the factory, cutting the tarpaulins is also part of the design process. Each bag pattern consists of several templates. Bag designers place these templates on tarpaulins in such a way that as many as possible can be cut from the raw material, each more beautiful than the last. This is what makes every Freitag bag unique.