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Greenland Travel Wax

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Colour: Grey

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Greenland Travel Wax, which is used to protect your clothes and accessories made of G-1000 fabric, can be easily carried with you. To apply Fjallraven's specially produced Greenland Wax, which increases resistance to water and wind, apply Greenland Wax to the surface you want to give extra durability, heat it with an auxiliary device such as an iron or blow dryer, or if you are in nature, benefit from the friction heat you will create with any fabric or your hand. .

This product, the best friend of outdoor enthusiasts, can also be easily applied to the Kanken No.2 and Premium Black series made of G-1000 fabric.

  • Weight: 20g
  • Production place: Vietnamese

About the Brand

1960’ta İsveç’te doğan Fjällräven, dünyanın en bilinen outdoor markalarından biri haline geldi. Geniş bir outdoor ürün yelpazesine sahip olan Fjällräven, kategorisinin en premium markası olma ünvanını taşıyor. Outdoor ürünlerinde yüksek fonksiyonun yanı sıra İsveç’le özdeşleşmiş sade ve eşsiz tasarım dokunuşlarıyla Fjällräven, bugün moda dünyası tarafından da yakından takip ediliyor. İkon haline gelen dünyaca ünlü sırt çantası Kånken başta olmak üzere pek çok çanta ve ceket modeliyle de dikkat çekiyor.


Fjällräven is among our good brands according to the Vitruta Sustainable Brand Criteria and is therefore listed with the sustainable brand label in our online store. This section is organized according to the information provided by the brand.

  • CLEAN CONTENT | In the production of all the brand's products, materials such as organic cotton, recycled cotton/polyester, Tencel Lyocell and leather, which is a by-product of animals used in the food industry, are used.
  • HARMLESS DYEING | The brand guarantees that the dyeing process in production is carried out in accordance with the REACH policy of the European Union, which brings together many existing regulations on chemicals under a single roof, in a way that will not pose a threat to the health of people involved in production, is environmentally friendly and free of toxic chemicals.
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT | The brand has a significant sensitivity in redesigning, reducing and reusing in packaging, logistics and sales processes, paying attention to the substances specified in the Vitruta Zero Waste and 5R Approach .
  • RESPONSIBLE SUPPLY CHAIN ​​| The brand knows the supply chain at the middle level, that is, down to the material supplier (cotton fiber supplier, yarn supplier, etc.) and inspects its suppliers at regular intervals.
  • CLIMATE FRIENDLY | Not only is the brand one of the most beloved Premium outdoor brands that has been in touch with nature for over 60 years, but it is also aware of the environmental impact of the breadth of its operations. For this reason, the United Nations-approved Golden Standard supports renewable energy projects and non-profit organizations in order to neutralize its emissions. He carries out afforestation activities with the Globetrotter Vision Forest project in Costa Rica. In such ways, it neutralizes its annual CO2 emissions, for example, in 2018, it balanced its emissions against 17 thousand 777 tons of CO2 in all its operations.
  • SOCIAL IMPACT | In 1994, the brand started working with Stockholm University to prevent the extinction of the arctic foxes, from which it takes its name. The work that started in this way has now turned into a program under the name of the Arctic Fox initiative, to which all non-profit institutions with sensitivity to environmental protection can apply every December every year. After the collected applications are examined by an expert jury in January, 5 projects that will have a positive impact on the environment are approved. These projects are supported by the income obtained from the sale of some special collections produced.
  • CERTIFICATION | In addition to having major certifications such as SA8000 for the quality of its products and the importance of labor standards, the brand is a member of the Fair Labor Association , Sustainable Apparel Coalition and UN Global Compact .
  • GENDER EQUALITY | The brand continues its social impact projects by supporting gender equality. It attaches importance to gender equality with SA8000 requirements by complying with ethical values ​​and moral standards with its entire production and management staff.
  • REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT | Since the brand is not produced in Turkey, it does not contribute to regional development in our country.

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