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We talked about the sources of inspiration and the brand story with Laris Alara Kilimci, the founder of Lar Studio, which we know with its completely different characters and unique patterns.


First of all, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in New York on June 28, 1993, I am from Istanbul. After my childhood years that were prone to self-expression through music, dance and art, I graduated from the Moving Image department at Central Saint Martins in London, which excited me (2015). I realized that places, objects and products affect a person's mood, and that when I feel bad, I find the beauty of life in enjoying the small details. That's why design has always been in my life, but I have an artistic understanding of design based on self-expression, my perspective is emotional. I can say that the things I produce come from my heart rather than my brain. I manage the LAR brand, which I founded in 2017, and I am also interested in visual arts.

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Scarves, which were especially popular in the 70s, have long been preferred during seasonal transitions. We can say that they have become a timeless piece rather than a temporary trend. How did your journey with scarves begin?

For me, scarves are works of art that reflect the era we live in and that you can recognize when you look at the period they came from. Square and rectangular canvas where art, print and fashion come together.

How do you define fashion?

My understanding of fashion is being able to take on different characters according to changing moods, a form of expression in which you express your own value judgments without realizing it.

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Scarf is one of the most functional accessories, so how do you like to use it best? Do you have any suggestions for creative ways to use it?

I usually wear it over masks these days, like the Mexican 'bandits', it creates a complementary and fun look with the outfit.

Where do you get inspiration for your patterns? Some of his designs seem to have a bit of Picasso and a bit of pop art influence.

There are many elements that inspire me in my patterns, but at the end of the day, being able to use dynamic color balance and rhythm well is important. So, in summary, there is a wide range of inspirations from graphic arts to Modernist artists. At the end of the day, the resulting work stands on its own and together with other works.

How do artists influence you?

Colors and shapes affect me more than the artists. I don't really care about who produces the work, I focus on the feeling and rhythm there. My perspective on art is very primitive and personal. I am generally attracted to works that please my eyes or raise a question mark in my subconscious.

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Can you tell us a little about the model design and production stages?

In my studio, the things I collect by hand drawing, with scissors, and sometimes in sketchbooks in daily life, come together, are digitalized and produced with digital printing in a production center in Turkey. I always try to choose high quality fabrics because the designs are timeless and I want the products to be the same. I want them to be high quality products that will be passed on from generation to generation, not products that you will use once and get bored of after two years.

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What kind of comments do you get from people who buy Lar Studio products?

People who know the spirit of the brand usually say that they feel better when they wear it when they buy it. I also believe that patterns and colors change a person's mood.