Rains Fall/Winter 2021: Anticipate

Rains Sonbahar/Kış 2021: Anticipate - vitruta


RAINS recently introduced its Autumn/Winter 2021 collection with the "Anticipate" fashion show held digitally.

The Autumn/Winter 2021 collection named "Anticipate", which Rains introduced with a fashion show depicting an unsettling world, was created on the principle of expecting the unexpected.

Bravely confronting the unknown, the collection creates space for discussion around expectations of what comes next.

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The balance of form and function in designs suitable for the functionality of modern life avoids making unnecessary compromises. The contrast in the combination of heavy PU coated twill fabric and vibrant fabrics comes to life in parachute-like silhouettes with master tailoring. Bulky “puffer” sets create security shells that surround users like armor against external elements.

All these themes give rise to a common sense of hope and a collective struggle for the future.

“This season, it was inevitable to address current world issues and create a collection that would contribute to the agenda with its confident stance and message. We wanted to create pieces that would make people feel powerful and collaborative, reminding them that they are aware of their existence. “We used a uniform color palette and bold silhouettes to ensure a sense of unity and trust in this camaraderie.” says designer Tanne Winter.

As the central color palette of the collection, the tones of a gray navy are evident, interrupted only by holographic touches and icy blue that will add sparkle to the collection.

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Rains, an outdoor lifestyle brand, offers us a cinematic show at the fashion show by referencing science fiction for its Autumn/Winter 2021 collection.

Starting with the motivation to discover unexpected things, 30 combinations walk towards a water sphere floating in the cradle of the open air on the platform. The concepts of light and dark are brought together and take over the collection, creating space for mysterious worldly encounters.

Rains' collection, which has already created a great impact, will be on sale for the first time in Turkey at vitruta.com and Vitruta stores in the Autumn/Winter season.