Little Known Stories of Sustainable Brands

Sürdürülebilir Markaların Az Bilinen Hikayeleri - vitruta

Let's take a look together at the unknown or little-known stories of many innovative local and foreign brands that design environmentally friendly products, especially by adopting the sustainability trend in their production processes.

Fjallraven Re-Kanken

Representative of simplicity and recycling: Fjällräven Re-Kånken

Each Re-Kånken model in Fjällräven's special series consists of 11 recycled pet bottles. The mini sizes of Re-Kånken's Kånken Classic models come to life by recycling 7 plastic bottles. Created with the Spindye technique, which saves water, chemicals and energy, Re-Kånken is produced with yarns that minimize the use of chemicals.

Fjallraven Re-Kanken

Timeless Design and Organic Production: Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard, which draws attention with its timeless designs produced from 100% organic cotton obtained from non-genetically modified seeds, is among the most ethical brands in the world. Staying away from seasonal trends, the collection brings together key pieces that you can use in your daily life with its colorful designs. At the same time, Colorful Standard, which has the best-practice production and working environment according to European guidelines, donates 5% of its sales revenue to charities.

Colorful Standard Vitruta Mag

Inspired by nature: Máh-Roc

Máh-Roc, which has practical and lightweight designs inspired by the lives of nomadic societies, takes its name from the moon and sun in the Baloch language. Each bag is designed inspired by the Baloch community, which lived as nomads in Afghan lands and has a mysterious story. Máh-Roc designs its bags with waste fabrics collected from different countries and cultures in its workshop in Balat. Thus, it becomes a source of inspiration with its philosophy of "giving new life by changing what exists".

Mah-roc Vitruta Mag

Eco-friendly: Dedicated

Born on the streets of Stockholm, Dedicated quickly became one of Sweden's most loved brands. In addition to its uniqueness and dynamism in design, what makes Dedicated different is that its products are produced from 100% organic cotton and have a Fair Trade certificate, which very few brands in the world have.

Dedicated Vitruta Mag

Refined lines: Sack

The Çuval brand, which highlights local craftsmanship and presents exciting and refined products, uses sacks, canvas, linen, outdoor textiles and vegetal leather processed in Turkey in its collection. Çuval, a contemporary accessory brand, takes its name from the sack, one of the first cultural tools developed by humanity to carry.

Sack Vitruta Mag

Activist touches in clothing: Reflect

Reflect, which brings its designs to life by touching on social issues in each of its collections, focuses on the theme of "Inequality of opportunity in education" in its first collection. Believing that designs are a powerful communication tool, the Reflect brand offers simple and original designs using only recyclable/sustainable materials. The QR code they add to the products helps us discover the journey of each design in all its transparency.

Reflect Vitruta Mag

Moroccan Women's Journey: American Vintage

Inspired by the simple life of the streets, American Vintage attracts attention with its designs that you can combine with any piece. American Vintage, which started working with a women's cooperative in Morocco as a sustainable brand movement, has been working on rug designs with old and leftover pieces for a long time. The brand, which makes significant contributions to both recycling and women's employment, draws attention with its unique, ethnic and creative lines.

American Vintage Vitruta Mag

Reducing single-use plastic: SuCo

Water bottles carefully selected and produced with the aim of "zero waste living" and "reducing single-use plastic waste". In order to ensure that SuCo products, which are positioned as a part of users' daily lives, reach more people, each collection is supported with new designs and products that will appeal to different target audiences. The brand also collaborates with different brands from time to time in order to instill the same dedication and vision within the scope of the 'Respect for Nature Project'.

SuCo Vitruta Mag

Produced from Ocean Waste: Maliluha

As Maliluha Swimwear, we turn environmental problems into fashion solutions thanks to the recycled nylon ECONYL “R” we use in our sustainable technical fabrics. Our products hug the body and provide great comfort thanks to their versatile, extra durable, thin, elegant, flexible, soft and breathable fabrics. Thanks to innovative production technology, the products are twice as resistant to chlorine, sunscreen and oils.

Maliluha Vitruta Mag