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Arizona SFB NU Women's Sandals

5.999 TL
Color: Green

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The symbol of timeless design and legendary comfort, the Arizona has been defining style since 1973. Nubuck leather elevates the classic, two-stripe look with a soft yet durable feel. Featuring an additional layer of foam for cushioning, the Soft Footbed offers extra comfort and all-day support.

  • Cushioned Birkenstock soft sole creates personalized support with wear
  • Nubuck leather upper
  • Suede footbed lining helps you stay comfortable
  • EVA sole is flexible and lightweight
  • Two adjustable straps with metal pin buckles
  • Place of Production: Germany

    Additional Information

    Things to Consider in Product Selection and Use:

    • Care should be taken to try both the right and left sandals and shoes and choose the right size and model.
    • Sandals and shoes should be used according to their structure and purpose. (For example; cork-based products should not come into contact with water.)
    • Shoes and sandals should never be washed by hand or in the washing machine.
    • Since the products are produced from natural materials (compressed cork and thinned glue), contact with water should be avoided, they should not be left in the sun or in the car for a long time, and when wet, they should be dried at room temperature before wearing. Metal accessories and buckles should be kept away from water and humid environments. Otherwise it may rust.
    • Sweating feet can cause color change and odor on the soles of sandals and shoes. This is due to the fact that the soles of sandals and shoes are made of natural material. It is recommended to ventilate the products regularly. EVA plastic products should not be kept in a closed place when wet and should be dried.
    • When the product soles become dirty, they should be wiped with a soapy, damp cloth (nubuck and suede ones should be cleaned with a nubuck eraser or brush) and left to dry at room temperature.
    • It is recommended to use a special spray that increases water resistance of your shoes before first use.
    • Since completely natural materials are used in the production and dyeing of genuine leather, the leather can sometimes dye.
    • You should wear your shoes and sandals at short intervals so that your foot and leg muscles can get used to the new movement system. At the same time, Birkenstock products may seem quite harsh to you at first. The flexibility of the products will increase with use. The leather bands will become softer and the soles will adapt to your feet.
    • Foot movement may cause cracks in the cork, these cracks are superficial; It is not due to production. Cracks in the cork can be taken care of.
    • Rarely, there may be openings in the parts where the cork base of the product meets the upper material. The openings are not due to a manufacturing error, but to the thinning of the adhesive connecting the layers.
    • For digitally printed products and all other products, deformations caused by impact, friction and foot movement that may occur during use are not grounds for return.
    • We would like to remind you that any dissatisfaction that may occur with products that are not used in accordance with the maintenance and usage instructions will not be considered as a production defect, and thank you for your understanding.
    • Products purchased abroad cannot be returned and/or exchanged. It is possible to repair.
    • The items described above also include other sub-brands of the Birkenstock brand.

    About the Brand

    Johann Adam Birkenstock, who started shoemaking in a small town in Germany in 1774 and laid the foundations of the Birkenstock brand, is known as a shoemaker and repairman in the church records of those years. While handcrafted shoes and products with soles suitable for foot anatomy have been seen as health products for a long time, today they continue to be the most popular brand in the sector with their comfort, stylish designs and colors.

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