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Forest Green Self Note Mini Shoulder Bag

1.200 TL
Color: forest green

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It is designed with unused fabrics collected from different regions of Turkey.

  • Dimensions: 22x22 cm, strap length: 120 cm, drawstring strap: 105 cm
  • 100% Cotton hanger
  • Faux leather inner strap
  • Upcycled woven fabric.
  • Care: Hand wash.
  • Place of Production: Türkiye

About the Brand

Inspired by nature, Mah-roc means Moon and Sun in Baloch language. Mah-roc was founded in 2016 with the aim of spreading awareness of sustainable and upcycled fashion. Unwanted, out-of-stock fabrics from different countries and cultures are collected and accumulated in their workshops in Balat, Istanbul.

Each product is inspired by the lifestyles and styles of the Baloch community, who lived as immigrants in Afghan lands and have a mysterious past. The products they design are unique and impossible to repeat, like this beautiful community!

Mah-roc is among our leading brands according to the Vitruta Sustainable Brand Criteria and is therefore listed with the sustainable brand label in our online store. This section is organized according to the information provided by the brand.

  • CLEAN CONTENT | The brand produces all its products with a focus on upcycling waste fabrics. Most of their collections are produced entirely from hand-woven cotton, linen and bamboo. Thanks to hand weaving, electricity and water consumption is prevented.
  • HARMLESS DYEING | The brand uses a completely natural dyeing process in its products produced from fabrics collected from Sri Lanka.
  • WASTE MANAGEMENT | The brand has a significant sensitivity in redesigning, reducing and reusing in packaging, logistics and sales processes, paying attention to the substances specified in the Vitruta Zero Waste and 5R Approach . Since all of its products are produced from waste fabrics, the brand has a leading vision in upcycling and encourages reuse instead of waste generation by using fabric in packaging. Cargo bags are produced from material that is 100% compostable and biodegradable within 12 months.
  • RESPONSIBLE SUPPLY CHAIN ​​| The brand shows its responsibility in this regard as it produces with a focus on upcycling and creates a business line for women who continue to hand-weave using local methods in production.
  • CLIMATE FRIENDLY | The brand acts very sensitively to ensure emission reduction, but does not yet support additional projects under this heading.
  • SOCIAL IMPACT | In line with its mission, the brand makes a visionary contribution to a sustainable fashion concept by constantly spending its earnings on creating a business line for women with new projects, finding new waste fabrics, and re-producing products by upcycling these fabrics.
  • CERTIFICATION | Brand owner Roksan Sarfati is the Remake Our World ambassador, a first in Turkey. The brand receives and provides continuous training to contribute to the concept of slow fashion.
  • GENDER EQUALITY | The brand sees supporting female producers as its first priority. For this reason, they produce handcrafted accessories to encourage women to produce and to remind women of their self-confidence. Everyone in the villages where Mah-roc works outside the workshop is a woman.
  • REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT | Since the brand's production is made in Turkey, it contributes to regional development.

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