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Övgü Doğan Özalp, a member of Good People of Vitruta, answered the seven questions we asked him.

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hello !

I was born in Mersin in '85. I had a free and happy childhood with the wonderful advantages of being a small-town person. As the younger sister of two older brothers in a family that lives with football, my childhood exams were spent as a compulsory goalkeeper and ball collector. : )

During the years I studied in Ankara Press and Publishing, a lot of work experience, endless internships and dreams in Istanbul and Ankara. My dreams first took me to become a football reporter following Ankara teams, and after graduating from university, I received my master's degree in "Digital Sports Journalism and Multimedia" at Universidad Europea de Madrid, which is the partner of Eurosport and Real Madrid.

After my 1 year in Madrid, my sports management career followed, first with Eurosport and amateur football refereeing, and then with Fenerbahçe Sports Club.

Having to leave Fenerbahçe, a year at FC Barcelona and the Barcelona adventure that ended in marriage at the point of “love or career”…

And now, his Sports Management career with Fenerbahçe Sports Club again. It's a fun, funny, yet difficult career...

Domestically; Married, mother of 1, sneakers lover.

What is a pleasant day in Istanbul for you? What do you do?

I'm happy anywhere with sneakers, sunglasses and a good coffee. A walk with my daughter, the open air, a really nice meal with friends is a very happy day for me, beyond pleasure...

So if we go out a bit, what's an ideal holiday for you? What are your favorite places that you have seen so far? Is there any advice you can give us about them?

My favorite city has always been Barcelona. Always Barcelona with my friends, my old home and my favorite restaurants. I'm all for escaping to Barcelona whenever I get the chance.

I can say that our unforgettable trip to South Africa, our 2-day trip to Paris as an escape point, and Fethiye, like every family with children, are indispensable.

So, what are your must-have items when packing your suitcase for this holiday? What do you take with you?

I buy gym clothes even though I know I'll never use them. Lots of sneakers, 1-2 glasses, a saving dress and definitely a backpack... Comfort comes before elegance for me.

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Do you have any book/music/film recommendations that have influenced you recently?

I have been reading child development books since the sunrise, and these days I frequently read Peppa Pig. It's hard to explain for those who don't know

Especially athlete documentaries and autobiographical productions on Netflix are my favorites. Icarus, The Great Hack, Griezman-Making of a new legend are my favorites…

There are platforms in all of our lives these days; Netflix, Youtube, audiobooks, podcast applications... Which of these are in your life and to what extent? Maybe you would like to share your favorite channels, podcast series or favorite TV series-documentaries with us?

Netflix, Netflix, Netflix…

House of Cards, Good Girls, Unbelievable etc…