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Selen Akın, a member of Good People of Vitruta, answered the seven questions we asked her.

Selen Akin Vitruta Mag

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a Koç University Business Administration graduate and have been a communicator for 9 years. When I was a child, I watched people, went to the tables of people I didn't know at dinner, and even returned to their homes at night with the guests who came to us; I would try to understand why they did what they did and how they lived. Now I do this professionally. And I can say that I enjoy it quite a bit. I am from Eskişehir. I love cooking, I am a certified chef by my friends and a "walking beginner's luck" to my mother. I have been dancing for a long time, dance has been my greatest therapy. I paint, I turn the strange things that come to my mind into short stories. I'm addicted to Netflix. I usually give up my sleep to keep up with all this. :)

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What is a pleasant day in Istanbul for you? What do you do?

The first things that come to my mind are having breakfast at a place with very nice tea, visiting a museum or gallery with my friends, trying new restaurants, dessert shops and cafes that we found after researching, and having a drink in a stylish place in the evening. Istanbul is truly a beautiful city, but sometimes we get caught up in the inertia of life and forget its beauties. The days I live by realizing this, stopping and enjoying it, and even slowing down a little, seem very enjoyable.

So if we go out a bit, what's an ideal holiday for you? What are your favorite places that you have seen so far? Is there any advice you can give us about them?

I am a city holidaymaker. I'm not a very planned person, the only thing I researched before going was food and drink. I know what I will eat at what time and on which day. Other than that, I just hit the streets and get lost. Barcelona holds the most special place in my heart. It is difficult to blend writing, city life, taste, art and history so beautifully.

There is a lot of advice I can give you because I prepared a giant excel worksheet from my pre-holiday work. The biggest challenge is to find the best cocktail place where I go. La Pharmacie Anglaise in Brussels, for example, makes one wonder where it is.

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So, what are your must-have items when packing your suitcase for this holiday? What do you take with you?

As many sneakers, a charger, a backpack as I can fit in my suitcase, and a book to read while eating because I love traveling alone.

Do you have any book/music/film recommendations that have influenced you recently?

Parasite was definitely the best among the ones I watched recently. When you put it side by side with other recent Asian films such as Shoplifters and Burning, great insights emerge about the people there (occupational deformation). I'm into Jim Jarmusch movies. I recommend Broken Flowers from this man who is difficult to understand and love.

I've been listening to a lot of Olafur Arnalds these days. Among the books I have read recently, Virgina Woolf – Mrs. Dalloway was very impressive.

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There are platforms in all of our lives these days; Netflix, Youtube, audiobooks, podcast applications... Which of these are in your life and to what extent? Maybe you would like to share your favorite channels, podcast series or favorite TV series-documentaries with us?

Did I mention I'm addicted to Netflix? Apart from the time I have dedicated to him, if I can watch Netflix while doing something, I definitely watch it. Explained, Bojack Horseman, The Good Place, Mindhunter are the ones that come to my mind immediately, but if they let me, I can talk until the morning.

Socrates' YouTube channel is the only channel I watch outside of work. As a podcast, I listen to Scarfless Intellectuality. I could never warm up to the idea of ​​audiobooks.