10 Style Tips with Kånken Bag

Kånken Çanta İle 10 Stil Önerisi - vitruta

Those who think that backpacks are reserved for high school and university desks are wrong. A modern designed backpack has the power to adapt to every style and be a key piece in different combinations. If the bag in question is Kånken, which has a significant fan base all over the world with its special and extraordinary design since 1978, the issue of style is taken to a whole different dimension. If you need inspiration about Kånken bag combinations, you are in the right place. Here are the combinations you can make with the Kånken bag…


For an Eclectic Style

Eclectic style requires bringing together prominent elements from different design trends and blending them successfully. Clothes and accessories that you are not used to seeing together normally can find a great harmony with eclectic style. When you want to create an eclectic style with Kanken backpacks, you can give these combination suggestions a try:

  • How about mixing different patterns? Eclectic style finds strength in the unity of patterns and designs that seem like they would never come together. For example, you can match your skirt decorated with tiny flower patterns with your leopard print blouse. You can wear a striped knitted sweater over your paisley dress on cool autumn days. Although the possibilities of the dance of the patterns are entirely up to you, the common point of all these combinations is a neutral colored Kanken No.2.

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  • Bringing together versions of the same pattern in different sizes and different colors is one of the most popular applications of eclectic style. When giant polka dots and tiny polka dots, striped pieces in contrasting colors, romantic tiny flower patterns and huge tropical patterns come together, a powerful effect is created. Complementary to this powerful effect is Kånken Classic . If you are going to buy a new Kånken Classic, do not forget to take a look at colors such as Pastel Lavender, Clay, Mint Green, Flamingo Pink.

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  • If you can't give up on vintage style, this combination is just for you... Try wearing plaid patterns that fashion designers have an almost obsessive love for. Complete your plaid skirt-jacket set or dress with black matte socks and black boots. Your bag of choice is definitely a Kanken Mini in bright colors such as orange and purple.

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For a Sporty Style

It goes without saying that a Kanken bag enthusiast is good with comfort. Is comfort always your priority when going to school, office, gym, meeting friends? On the other hand, don't you want to compromise on your style? Here are sporty combination suggestions that you can complete with Kanken backpacks:

  • Of course, the first place is taken by the trio of tights, sweatshirts and sneakers, which never loses its throne in terms of comfort. Kånken Totepack, which you can easily carry on your back or on your shoulder while running around during the day, is the ideal bag for this combination.

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  • Pairing cycling shorts with oversized t-shirts is very popular in recent years. You can make your legs look longer by completing this ultra-comfortable combination with platform-based sneakers. This indispensable combination, in which all pieces are in harmony and offers endless comfort, is successfully accompanied by the Kånken Hip Pack, which can be used as both a waist and chest bag.

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For a Bohemian Style

Bohemian style that emphasizes the free spirit within; It consists of a combination of timeless, comfortable, sometimes shabby and sometimes feminine designs. If you are a strict follower of this style that winks at freedom, you can find yourself in combinations that reflect bohemian elegance.

  • Are you ready to attract attention with a bohemian and romantic combination? Wear your colorful floral maxi dress and wedge sandals. Put on your big straw hat and throw on a short or oversized denim jacket. Complete this romantic combination with your Kånken Sling shoulder bag that matches the colors of your dress.

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  • If you have combined your short jeans and ripped shorts, your lace-detailed undershirt, and the shabby kimono you wear with cowboy boots, it means that you have successfully created the indispensable bohemian combination of festivals. Now it's time to choose the bag. Kånken No.2 , which carries shades from nature, is almost the soul mate of this combination.

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  • There is plenty of room for femininity in Kanken bag style suggestions. Pair leather-looking trousers with tasseled tops, wrap a scarf around your neck, and wear pointed-heeled ankle boots underneath. If you want, you can make this combination even more suitable for your bohemian spirit with Kånken's art-winking Kånken Art model.

For a Simple Style

If you don't care about trends when creating your style, if you like vibrant colors and energetic patterns but leave it to others to wear them, the choice is yours. It is quite possible to attract attention with your simple and charismatic style. Here are classic combinations for simple style followers.

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  • The indispensable combination of all times, white t-shirt and denim, is the first combination that comes to mind when it comes to simple style. You can complete this combination with many different shoe models, from sandals to boots, from sneakers to boots. As for the bag, you can choose the navy blue Kånken Mini model, which goes well with denim.
  • Are you one of those who wears black from head to toe? You should be aware of how charismatic you look with your black pencil pants, black blouse, black blazer and black stilettos. You can take the striking effect of this combination to the top with this premium color of the Kånken No.2 Mini model.