Brand Stories – With Colorful Designs: Muni Bum Bag

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We talked about the sources of inspiration and the brand story with Serra Hegewald, the founder of Muni Bum Bag, which we know with its bold colors and sporty style.

How did the story of the Muni Bum Bag brand begin?

Like many brands, it started out of necessity. I'm someone who doesn't like carrying bags very much. With the re-emergence of waist bag fashion, I discovered how comfortable waist bags actually are. Since I love colors very much, I wanted to combine this comfort with my color world.

What inspires you when designing the Muni Bum Bag, which is among the most popular bag models of recent times?

My source of inspiration is my own life and experiences. I am inspired by a colorful wall I see while walking on the street, the color arrangement of the flowers in the florist, the colorful streets in Eminönü, stationery stores, fruits in the market, my friends' clothing style, their psychology, everything. These types of things mostly determine my expectations from a bag.

What style do your bags appeal to?

Comfortable – high quality – sporty.

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Can you tell us about the production process?

Production is not as easy a process as everyone thinks. I find the materials one by one, determine how to use them, adjust the dimensions and follow the whole process alongside the manufacturer. I carry out every process, from the birth of ideas to drawing models and quality control. From the very first moment, there is not a single stage that I haven't touched. I learn from mistakes throughout the process and try to achieve higher quality each time.

When choosing the fabric colors of your bag, do you pay attention to seasonal trends or do you use your own dream color palette?

I don't follow color trends. My aim is not to follow what is fashionable. My main goal is for everyone to reach the color they like. Since I cannot yet produce the colors of my dreams within Muni, I choose the colors that I find missing in my own color chart among the imported colors. Because my ultimate goal is to complete all existing colors.

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The bags are both stylish and very practical for street style and travel use. What's important to you in a bag: practicality or elegance? What do you design your bags focusing on the most?

For me, every priority is simultaneously comfort, practicality and quality – elegance is something that comes with quality in parallel. In my opinion, even a comfortable and practical bag has an elegance in itself when quality materials are used and quality workmanship. So for me these two are the same thing.

How do you see the brand's audience? Which age range prefers you more?

My brand audience is happy, colorful and people of all ages. There is absolutely no categorization or distinction, and I don't want there to be. I have clients who bought a Muni for themselves and then want to buy it again because their mother took it from them and wouldn't return it. I have customers who order for their father or who use Muni together as mother, daughter, and grandmother. All types of people of all ages prefer Muni :)

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What are your goals for the future of the brand?

Expanding the product range and going beyond the bag. To use fabrics with sustainable and environmentally friendly certificates and to become a global brand. Although the fabrics I currently use are produced from waste, I cannot use them on my labels because they do not have certificates yet. One day, I would like to be able to produce my own colors with fabrics with these certificates and put these phrases on my labels.