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Palo Santo Wooden Incense Set of 5

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5 pieces (25 g) Palo Santo incense sticks.

  • The products are 10 cm long and may have different thicknesses and shapes as they are cut by hand.
  • Your sticks may have different color tones due to the natural color changes in the tree's own trunk.
  • The production of Prana Vibes Palo Santo incense sticks is carried out through sustainable agriculture from naturally dried branches of trees grown in Ecuador and Peru.
  • How to Use: Apply Palo Santo from the tip for 30 seconds. Light it up and extinguish the tiny flame by blowing it out. Move the emitted smoke around your Size and your area. Your stick smokes for 1.5-2 minutes and then turns off on its own. This time is enough to purify and balance the energy in the area where it is used. You can use the same stick over and over again by lighting it from the same end whenever you need it. After use, keep it on a fire-resistant material until you make sure it is completely extinguished.

About the Brand

Prana Vibes'ın hikayesi, doğanın insanlıkla paylaştığı bilgelik, rehberlik ve şifaya yönelik tutku dolu bir ilgi ile başladı. Prana Vibes, hem kendi topraklarımız hem de dünya üzerinde bulunan doğanın kıymetli hediyelerinden, modern yaşamda kolaylık ve keyifle kullanabilecek ürünler tasarlıyor. Malzemelerin seçiminde; sürdürülebilir tarım, doğaya saygılı hasat, üstün kalite ve etik değerleri gözetiyor, hızla akan gün içinde huzurlu arınma anlarına vesile oluyor.

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