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A smart solution to carrying business cards and the fact that these cards produced in large quantities cause waste! Meet your new generation smart business card with NFC technology, stylish design and easy to carry in your wallet. Upload your business card, share it with anyone you want and stop the waste created by business cards.

Still using paper business cards?

Aren't you tired of printing hundreds of business cards every year? How many of the business cards you print end up in the trash? Switch to Vibl now and make sure your business partners never forget you and your contact addresses!

This is no ordinary card! Vibl starts conversations with people you just met, allows you to enter your customers' phone book, and makes you privileged in the eyes of potential investors, business partners, employers...

A business card that keeps up with the developments in your life!

What happens to your paper business card when your phone number, email address, or company title changes? Hundreds of them go to waste because they cannot adapt to rapidly changing information.

With Vibl, you can update your phone number, social media addresses, title, company information, website, promotional video and more whenever you want, wherever you want.

You don't need to download a new mobile app

You or the person you want to share your contact information with does not need any additional applications. Choose your card, match it with your profile and tap it on the other person's smartphone. It's that easy! You now have a new business partner.

Make a better choice for all of us!

Stop wasting paper business cards and help save 4.3 million trees every year. Vibl not only reduces paper consumption, but is also made from 100% oxo biodegradable plastic BioPVC®, which biodegrades without creating methane gas.

  • Dimensions: 5.4 x 8.6 cm
  • Material: BioPVC® - 100% oxo biodegradable PVC
  • Devices: Compatible with all new generation NFC-enabled smartphones
  • Ntag216 chip

About the Brand

Vibl, pandemi döneminde dijitalleşmenin de ön plana çıkması ile birlikte, geleneksel kartviziti teknolojik fonksyionlarla zenginleştirip yeni dünyaya adapte ederek kâğıt kartvizit israfının önüne geçmek ve her yıl katledilen milyonlarca ağacı kurtarmak amacıyla doğdu.

Kullanıcılar bilgilerini diledikleri an, diledikleri yerde güncelleyebilir, ister fiziksel, ister dijital ortamda kolaylıkla paylaşabilir, tek bir tuşla tüm profil bilgilerini telefona kaydedilebilir ve bu sayede bağlantıları ile daha verimli ilişkiler kurabilir. Tüm bunlar içinse binlerce kartvizit değil, tek bir Vibl yeter.

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